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Faster knowledge transfer​ of ​early research findings in between research stakeholders:
Systematic, Automatic, Secure

The Problem

With the increase of interdisciplinarity between research fields, sharing early results of research projects enhances the collaborative nature of science and accelerates research processes and, hence, innovation in the scientific community. However, with the status quo early research findings are hard to find and to share leading to the repetition of experiments, delay of research results, and ultimately waste of time and money.​

From Insights to Impact. How to Deliver on Research Purpose.

In order to break these boundaries, PosterLab simplifies the documentation, sharing and finding of early research findings for research stakeholders from academia and industry.​

For Individual Researchers

For Individual Researchers

For Research Institutes

For Research Institutes

For Universities

For Universities

For R&D driven Companies

For R&D driven Companies


We offer “One Single Source of Truth”
​to map expertise and experts easily.

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A Better Way to Transfer Knowledge

Simple & Safe

The ultimate goal of a research project is to be published in order to disseminate research findings. However, there is a long way to go to a publication.

Writing is an iterative process. So, the earlier you begin to think of the outline of your paper, the better. Usually, preparing presentations for group meetings force you to do exactly this. PosterLab offers time-saving, smart and editable forms, so that you have an overview of your projects’ current state.​

Data Documentation

Fast & Easy

You can upload documents created with or without PosterLab’s forms onto the gallery and choose its visibility (private, own organization or public). When you choose to upload it publicly, you make your research not only visible and accessible for possible collaboration partners in academia and industry, but also to grant providers.

With contact information, links to online sessions and by our own Machine Learning tool extracted keywords and topics, relevant research and researchers will be easily findable and contactable. Moreover, you can follow keywords and topics to be notified about new documents in the future. If you decide to use PosterLab as tool to organize the projects within your research group, you will have an all-in-one platform, where you can store your research findings and comment documents directly. No email traffic anymore!​



1 - Structured Research Input​
2 - Smart Forms​
3 - End-to-end Encrypted​
4 - Gain Visibility​​
5 - Keep up with Innovation​​
6 - Find Collaborators
7 - Be up-to-date
8 - Automatise Tasks​​
9 - Online Poster Session


In line with the "Sorbonne Declaration" on research data rights signed by nine networks representing more than 160 of the main research-intensive universities, we guarantee the FAIRness of data for all research organizations.​



Delivering maximum added value is our upmost goal. Our aim is to help your research to successfully deliver societal impact by accelerating knowledge transfer. In doing so, we are delivering on our company purpose.

Our price bundle strategy allows academic research institutions to trial and leverage PosterLab suite of tools and processes at a voluntary low-entry price. We strongly believe that this is where the greatest discoveries happen.

Individual Researchers

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Research Institutes


Meet Our Team


Team Members

  • Adrian Wix

    Adrian Wix

    Software Developer

  • Daniel Yol

    Daniel Yol

    Software Developer

  • Laura Schulmayer

    Laura Schulmayer

    Business Development Manager​

  • Olivia Jaron

    Olivia Jaron

    Business Development Manager

  • Timur Achmedow

    Timur Achmedow

    Software Developer

  • Zainab Bellaji

    Zainab Bellaji

    Digital Marketing Executive

  • Julius Rosenberg

    Julius Rosenberg

    Business Development Manager

  • Fayas Backer

    Fayas Backer

    Software Developer

  • Georgy Nizhnichenko

    Georgy Nizhnichenko

    Business Analyst

Scientific Committee & Board of Experts

  • Sami Jabyel Haramein

    Sami Jabyel Haramein

    Data Scientist

  • Dr. Geoffrey Iwata

    Dr. Geoffrey Iwata

    Industry Atomic Physicist​

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Weber

    Prof. Dr. Peter Weber

    Scientist & ​Technology Journalist

  • Sabrina Lenz

    Sabrina Lenz

    Political Advisor for Energy, Environment, Traffic and Economics​

  • Tiphaine Beauperin

    Tiphaine Beauperin

    EU Public Affairs

  • Kaouthar Slama

    Kaouthar Slama

    PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  • Dr. Daniel Rupprecht, MBA

    Dr. Daniel Rupprecht, MBA

    Science Manager & Innovation Consultant

  • Mike Morrison

    Mike Morrison

    PhD in Organisational Psychology

  • Carsten Blau

    Carsten Blau

    Digital Architecture​ Innovator – IT-Ops​

  • Florian Wienbrügge

    Florian Wienbrügge

    Digital Growth

  • Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer

    Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer

    Senior Start-up & Portfolio Manager

Support team
About us

The Power Of Three

The idea for PosterLab has its roots in Santi's experience as a Communication Designer for one of the biggest medical university hospitals in Barcelona. Santi noticed that researchers were often very frustrated by barriers to effectively communicating their research and the resulting disadvantages for visibility, impact, funding and career perspectives.

Our complementarity is our #1 asset and defines PosterLab's mission. Our team brings together three key aspects across three different arenas.

  1. 3 different industries (education learning software, B2B communication, and chemical related industry).
  2. 3 cultural backgrounds (German, French, Spanish)
  3. 3 different career tracks (software development, communication design and international business development).
  4. What unites us: we are entrepreneurially-minded, B2B focused and continuously learn and profit from each other's experience.

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