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Giving research branding power back to academics, scholars and researchers

+ 1 million hour: Time allocated by scientists to design their poster. Guess what, they are not designer and nor like to waste time designing a poster.

50% of posters do not grab congresses visitors attention.

The poster publishing process is a black box for Universities. Most of them have no clue if/who/where and when a scientific research from their universities is displayed at congresses.

90% of the posters finish in te bin after the congress.


The bigger problem

New generation researchers & corporates reject both off (Journals) and online (e.g. ResearchGate) supremacy and business model.

Thus, current research communication process ROI is considered very low and broken by key stakeholders : scientists, universities and corporations.

So as posters that finish in the bin, or, at best getting dusty on university hallways like we´ve seen. There is much more to done with posters/research data’s!

Global warming or cancer cures are in one of these research posters.


PosterLab Research Branding Platform Unique Offering

A unique omnichannel medium for scientists and universities to get the impact their research deserve.

For Scientists
Easy, fast, quality

Poster files upload and quality check
Collaborative co-authors review process
Design, print and ship

For Universities
Consistent, Cheaper

Workflow dashboard
Branding control

For Congresses

Increased Visitors Satisfaction, New Service

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